Qualifications:  MHSS/CM will have at least a bachelor's degree in human services or related field from an accredited college in, social work, psychology, psychiatric rehabilitation, sociology, counseling, vocational rehabilitation, human services counseling or other degree deemed equivalent to those approved via DMAS for QMHP-A. MHSS/CM will have at least 1-2 years of case management experience and/or counseling experience working with individuals who are:

(1) With cognitive deficits

(2) Physical disabilities 

(3) Other mental health issues that may require support counseling.


Position Description: The MHSS/CM will provide mental health support services to individuals 18 years and older. The MHSS/CM will be responsible for developing and implementing treatment plans in accordance with program description and client’s needs.  MHSS/CM will develop written Individual Service Plan upon conducting assessments and diagnoses for the purpose of establishing treatment goals and objectives. MHSS/CM will be responsible for recommending appropriate services for client and aid the client in collaborating with these services. MHHS/CM will maintain bi-weekly contact with referral agency (if applicable) and will conduct appropriate discharge planning when necessary. MHSS/CM will be responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating treatment plans using treatment interventions to facilitate human development and to identify and remediate mental, emotional or behavioral disorders. MHSS/CM will be responsible for implementing cognitive, affective, behavioral and systemic counseling strategies, techniques and methods common to the behavioral sciences that are specifically implemented in the context of a therapeutic relationship. MHSS/CM will be required to attend bi-weekly group/team meetings to discuss client’s case management and conduct file reviews.






**To be eligible for this position, a Human Services Related Degree (completed) is required, as well as 1 year of clinical experience. (Volunteer experience is considered experience)

  • Ensures compliance with all applicable rules regulations, and statutes
  • Manages a caseload of clients (Maximum of 4, 10 hours per client per week), providing services on an intensive basis in the home and utilizing short-term, solution focused treatment strategies
  • Prepares services based on written diagnostic assessments, from multiple perspectives, including family functioning, psychological, emotional, social, academic, medical, behavioral, substance abuse, skills, strengths, barriers to economic self-sufficiency, treatment history, and others, and utilizing various assessment instruments
  • Facilitates wraparound team meetings to enlist existing supports in determining and meeting service objectives and to identify additional resources and supports
  • Prepares written service plan, incorporating input from clients, involved service providers, and wraparound team members, and clearly identifies problem areas and needs, strategies, and service objectives
  • Provides direct clinical services to clients, including individual, family, and wrap-around
  • Responds to crisis situations with twenty-four hours a day availability
  • Documents case activities for both clinical and billing purposes
  • Prepares progress reports as required by referral source or service purchaser (including per session progress notes, quarterly progress reports, and updated treatment plans)
  • Participates in Child Specific Team, Family Assessment and Planning Team, and other interdisciplinary, diagnostic, or planning meetings
  • Collaborates and coordinates with other case involved service providers and professionals, such as attorneys, school personnel, social workers, and probation counselors
  • Links clients with external programs or services, such as health services, recreational activities, child care services, financial resources, employment resources, AA/NA groups, transportation resources, and others
  • Attends court hearings when families are court-involved and presents testimony and treatment recommendations as requested by attorneys, referral source, the court, or clients
  • Guides, collaborates, and coordinates with mentors regarding service strategies and case management, ensuring the adequate exchange of information and assigning mentors case management duties
  • Works with Clinical Supervisor to increase effectiveness of therapeutic interventions
  • Prepares written Discharge Summary and Plan
  • Any other job-related tasks as assigned by supervisor




Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Services, or a related field from and accredited college or university; experience working with troubled children and families. Preferred candidate will be licensed to provide clinical services by the State of Virginia. First Aid and CPR certified. Person hired will be required to be certified in Crisis Wave.




• Complete diagnostic evaluations and continuously assess treatment needs;

• Consult with teachers and others involved in the child/adolescent’s treatment and observation in the classroom.

• Plan and implement individualized pro-social skills curriculums and interventions; e.g., problem-solving, anger management, community responsibility, increased impulse control, appropriate peer relations, etc.),

• Monitor progress in demonstrating the acquisition of pro-social skills (anger management, problem-solving skills, identification and appropriate verbalization of feelings, conflict resolution, etc.);

• Implement cognitive-behavioral programming;

• Plan and implement individualized behavior modification programs and monitor progress through collaboration with school personnel, family, and others involved in the child/adolescent’s treatment; (Family contacts, either in person or by telephone, occurs at least once per week.

• Respond to and providing on-site crisis response during the school day and behavior management interventions throughout the school day;

• Provide individual, group, and family counseling based on specific treatment objectives;

• Collaborate with all other community practitioners providing services to the child/adolescent, including scheduling appointments and meetings, and

• If the child or adolescent is on medication, education about side effects, monitor compliance and referrals for routine physician follow up must be provided to the child/adolescent and parent/ guardian and documented. Response to medication and education, as well as compliance must also be documented.

• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

• Ability to create a schedule conducive to the client and family to provide maximum treatment.

• Ability to manage time effectively in order to service all clients full-time (10 hours per client per week).

• Ability to work independently in the client’s home with minimal supervision. Counselors will have weekly clinical supervision with assigned clinician.

Job Type: Full-time and Part-time positions available


Job Type: Full-time



  • Intensive In-home Clinical: 1 year



  • Bachelor's



  • Richmond, VA


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